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And the liveblogging ends…



Well… Nick didn’t make the connection but I’ll forgive him because he’s actually being calm and rational about this. And sharing information! I nearly fell off my seat there. Good boy.

I really don’t want this baby to be Renard’s but it seems to be more and more likely that it is. And, wow, Adalind is like half Renard’s size. I mean, Sasha Roiz towers over everyone on this show (even Silas Weir Mitchell, w/c is weird because they’re about the same height aren’t they? He needs to stop stooping.) but that visual is never not amusing.

Overall, I think this might be the best episode we’ve had in a while if only for all the plot-advancement and all the questions answered. I hope Grimm keeps this up. Honestly, I’ve been kind of slogging through the last few episodes. This one has perked me right up. A-

P.S. Boy, Nick’s mom is not the sharpest tool in the shed, is she? She’s been moving through the Grimm/Wesen/Royal world for who knows how long and she’s somehow missed the fact that the crown prince of the Royals was named Eric Renard? She didn’t even know how to pronounce it. Clearly, she’s taken too many hits over the years.

Now Grimm just needs to answer this question before the season ends and I will be satisfied: What exactly are the Royals?

Whoops. I take that back then.

I’m sorry for insulting you, show.

Now the only thing that remains to be seen is if Nick can make the connection.

The grimm watch liveblog continues…

Oooh… YOU GO, JULIETTE! Wow, take-charge Juliette is pretty awesome.

And, yeah, I forgot that you killed Adalind’s mom too, Nick’s mom.

Ugh here we go again with Grimm’s standard forced contrivance: Neither Adalind nor Nick’s mom will say point blank that the baby is royal so they can be surprised later when Sean comes into the picture. I mean, not even Nick is stupid enough not to connect Adalind+Royal Baby to his Captain.

This is why you’re not as good of a show as you can be, Grimm.

Still liveblogging…

So… Adalind mentions the name Sean Renard and Nick’s mom isn’t the least bit interested? She knows the situation is rife with Royal involvement and, from previous episodes, we know that everyone knows about Eric Renard. She’s not making that connection? Clearly, Nick takes after his mom in the no-asking-questions department.

Also, her policy of “better if we know as little about each other as possible” has backfired. If she knew that Portland was Adalind’s hometown, she’d have realized how bad her plan was.

Hank should just take charge of this shit. He’s the only one who knows how to ask questions and share information.

Still liveblogging it…

Well… that was a little anti-climactic but at least we have an answer now. And it turns out Nick didn’t even have to ask.

I think I recall this eye and reflection thing being one of the earliest theories on how Nick gets identified. I guess that’s kinda cool though I do hope we get to see how that works from the Wesen perspective. I think that would be a great visual.

But, come on, Nick is going to look ridiculous at that wedding. Is he supposed to pretend he’s blind or something? Or that he has pink-eye? Or is Monroe just going to introduce Nick as his weirdo BFF who never takes off his sunglasses indoors, please ask no questions?

…wait, ok. I think I like that last one. That has the potential for hilarity.

Also, stupid question, Rosalee. Nick never knows anything.

I’m sorry about the barrage of posts… Clearly I have a lot of comments for this episode.

WTF? Nick’s mom has superspeed?

Grimm 3.17 watch liveblog…

Damn. Meisner’s suddenly competent. His crush on Adalind seems to be doing wonders for him.

This is confirmation that he’s Wesen right? Because those trees are clearly not climbable by humans. There are no branches to hang onto and it’s pretty much impossible to get traction on moss. Yep. Calling it.

But why?

Meisner: “The resistance knows how important you both are.”

Srsly, why?

This will be the episode of answers. I know it! *crosses fingers*

Liveblogging my watch of Grimm 3.17…

Holy shit! Did that just happen?!!!


Is this the episode we finally find out how the hell everyone just instantly knows that Nick is a Grimm?

What am I watching? Is this the same show? Am I hallucinating this?

Ooh, I feel faint…


They don’t deserve you.


They don’t deserve you.